Taipei Air Station - 1966 - - - " What you have in the end are memories"......... Photo Courtesy of Richard Reesh.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Taiwan Personnel Listing - 19 October 2016

Below, our current, updated, Taiwan Personnel Listing.

If you served in Taiwan, we encourage you to add you name, all are welcome.

If you find someone on the list that you would like to contact, please Email us with name.

We will forward your Email to that person.

To have your information added to the Listing, please Email us, 
 using the Listing as a guide.
There were no additions to the Listing this week.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Taiwan Civil Government

This morning I was surprised to see the Taiwan Civil Government show up on the subject line of one of my emails, the Washington Examiner’s Daily On Defense, Newsletter.

Here's what I found: 

A very interesting, short video, that quickly explains where Taiwan is today...

Take a couple of minutes to watch it.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Second Typhoon Brings Wind and Rain to Northern Taiwan

Resting in the casa, waiting for wind and heavy rain to arrive in Taipei.

Today's newspapers say it all...

Click on the newspaper photo to read the articles

Monday, August 22, 2016

Maoguanci Express

What a name - "Maoguanci" -  in Chinese 沒關係 - méi guān xi = No Sweat....

You might want to click or double click on each page for a larger view of the article.

Many thanks to Scott Ellinger for sharing his copy of the Club 63 weekly newspaper.          Scott found this copy of the paper on Amazon. Oops it was eBay, per Comment below.

Because it's a weekly publication consisting of 12 pages, it was probably printed at a commercial printer.  No Xerox machines in 1956 I'm aware of.  

Club 63 calls it a paper, something along the line of weekly newspapers printed in just about every town in the U.S. back in the 1950s.

Many of you that are old enough to remember the weekly papers will probably recall that most papers had writers in every small town around the area who sent in the "going-on's" in their communities.     

The VOL. and NO. seen above, indicates the paper is in it's third year of publication.  

Take a look at the article above, "USO Show..."

Interesting to see where the USO Show was performing on the island.

Saturday -  3 November - Tsoying Naval Base in Kaohsiung

Sunday afternoon - 3 November - Second Field Army Advisory Team at Feng Shan Army Base which is also in Kaohsiung.  Anyone remember Feng Shan?  Please see Comment from Chris Wang.  Chris talks about Feng Shan.

Sunday evening - 3 November - Tainan  (probably on Tainan AS)

Monday afternoon - 4 November - Chiayi  no location listed (probably at Chiayi  AB)

Monday evening - 4 November in Taichung at the Sugar Auditorium 

Tuesday 5 November - the USO folks have a day of rest.

Wednesday evening - 6 November in Taipei at 2030 hours at Chinese Armed Forces Stadium, both Chinese and Americans.  (Who remembers where the Chinese Armed Forces Stadium was located?)  

Tickets to the show(s) were distributed by MAAG Special Services.

 You gotta read the story above, "Broke - Or - Something...

 These guys were living in the Hostel and bringing in lots of $ each month. Humm?

They misunderstood I guess? 

AFNT's article.  I noticed the LSMFT program was beginning.
Who remembers that program?
And, those initials - what do they stand for? Who Remembers?

And what about Frank Sinatra staring in a talkie radio program, I thought he was a singer?

 They're paying $1,000.00 for a coverall in 52 numbers, did you say BINGO?

Wow!  $50.00 given out each week.

Why not play, it's free, nothing to loose, and someone wins. 

Notice the Exchange was the Post Exchange in the MAAG Compound in 1956.

No problem listing all the team unit designations in the newspaper in 1956. 
Notice a couple of teams that probably wouldn't want their names listed today. 

Someone in Taipei was drawing up the crossword.
Notice # 1 across and # 47 across....
Love to see another blank crossword drawn-up for Taiwan.

The Protestant Worship services are held at the MAAG Compound Auditorium.
Anyone know where the auditorium was located.
Maybe it's the new theater?

     A 1957 Ford in the advertisement.

Notice where the movies are showing.  

Grass Mountain Lodge?  That sounds like an interesting place.

Hope you enjoyed looking through what was going on back in the day...

Thanks again Scott Ellinger for sharing.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Taipei Air Station 1968 and 1969

Today, a number of interesting 48 year old photos, courtesy of William (Bill) Johnston.  

Bill worked at the JAG Office at Taipei Air Station.

Some color photographs were too faded and old to be restored to original colors.  
This photo, taken while standing on the grass area inside the old circle on Roosevelt Road, looking toward the main gate of Taipei Air Station, where the taxi is probably headed.

This is the best photo of the circle, street and gate that we've ever published.

A couple of Bill's friends standing at the main gate.

Jim Russ from Texas and Gabe from Georgia.

Bill says, "Think I took this to show folks back home how hot it was.

Probably had rained, then the sun came out, it looks like a steaming jungle..."

 APO and barracks straight ahead.

 "Taken right after I got to Taipei Air Station (on a Sunday)"

"Sent it home to show wife my "quarters"

"My wife arrived in Taiwan during April 1968 with our Son (1 year old)  Our parents paid for her airline ticket."

"I actually took this from the barracks window,  the 1st morning I was at Taipei Air Station, February 10th, 1968."

 This photo, the first we've had of the motor pool and supply offices, taken from this angle. 

"Over the wall, another angle."

"I used to hear kids and chickens in the morning."

"The Covered Walkways"

Think this backside of pool (to right).
Look @ the guy in Blues!! (Hot)" 

"Spent many an hour here.

I was so tan when I got home, neither my parents or my wife spotted me when I got off the plane @ McCord AFB."

"This 'Kid' is standing in the rice patties behind the Air Station, run by the Agriculture Department at National Taiwan University as I recall." Feb or Mar 1969.

Extra Duty - March 1969.

"Came up twice I think in 15 months.  I forgot to wear my fatigues, so I offered Moral Support."

" Knew all these guys but can't recall now."

Sometime before March 1969.

Ed. note:  I'd forgotten all about these tall rubbish cans...


"Chinese Guard on back gate - exiting out to National Taiwan University, next door."

"The door behind this is the Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) office.  (This was our second office.)

Flags are at Half Staff because of Eisenhower Death on 28 March 1969."

 This photo too far gone to clean-up.

"Looking out door of SJA Office, I standing right here one day when Lighting hit water tower.  I know the civilian employee worker, but don't remember his name.

"Here it is-- looks line roof is not totally done on Falcon Club -- so, this was taken between Feb and April 1968."

"This is me getting a piece of cake @ re-opening of the Falcon Club - Apr 1968.

The guy drinking was the First Sergeant. I was assigned to 327th Air Division, we had two First Shirts while I was there."

Thank you Bill Johnston...........  Wonderful.....

Your photos and commentary brought back many smiles and heartfelt happiness.

Bill indicated in correspondence that he may have more photos to share.